A simple…and beautiful story…

Aruna Vasudev, noted film historian falls in love with a small central Himalayan town, Naukuchiatal…

…then wonders about the local children with no space for creativity or games…

Aruna is inspired to set up a cultural community centre with Pramod & Neelima Mathur, who live in Naukuchiatal.

The journey of Utsah Toli begins in 2015 with school-going children of the surrounding four villages…Chanauti, Siloti Pant, Nauladhar and Thapaliya Mehragaon. See Here

In 2016, Utsah Toli is registered as a Trust. See Here for details.

Over a period of one month, several applications for the third annual round were reviewed – with intense interactions with parents. See Here

For 2017-18, 56 children have been enrolled as members. Click here for full list.

The first meeting brings old and new members together for new beginnings…and some partying. See Here.

Members have access to indoor games, painting material, musical instruments, laptops and tablets.
Away from parents and teachers, this Third Space for children is precious to them - to just ‘chill out’ for a while every day…particularly for the girls. See Here.

Utsah Toli is supported by Kalpataru Trust and several individual donors. See Here for details.

Sundays are special days for chats, discussions and some partying. See Here.

Visitors make the day for the children…Volunteers become special in their lives…See Here.  

Within the informal environment are several unstructured, spontaneous interventions – some direct, some targeted, some nuanced…for civic behaviour, public conduct, value systems, learning a few words of English, photography, digital literacy, quick, easy-to-learn crafts… See Here.

Children choose what they want to learn…glass painting, soft toys from socks, paper bags, pen stands, greeting cards…See Here.

The biggest pull, of course, are computer games…and why not…See Here.

For value addition, there are two teachers who help with homework and preparation for exams. See Here.

Children in class 10th and above are being supported in groups for formal Computer Training in a local institute. Girls show much interest in joining this training. See Here.

You have ideas to share? Want to volunteer, support, learn? Have funds to contribute? Join the journey of Utsah Toli. We are an email away. See Here for details.

Interested in the little stories of and around the journey of Utsah Toli? Go to Jottings Here.

Our little events will be updated as and when they occur. See Here.

The first two years of Utsah Toli was run as a Formedia project. Click Here for details: