Silotipant, Chanauti, Nauladhar and Thapaliya Mehragaon are remote villages in Naukuchiatal, district Nainital, Uttarakhand, India. Television brings images of the other world to their homes. Life is quite different. There are no sports centres, play centres, skill centres, hang-out places…visitors are rare and not targeted for children anyway.

A visitor brings a wondrous world into the lives of the children, who love to meet, listen even learn something.

You are welcome to volunteer for anything that can bring joy and knowledge in the lives of the members of Utsah Toli.

Painting, music, stories, theatre, dance, magic tricks, English speaking, science with fun demos, maths with fun demos…the children love it all…

We have a modest guest room with an attached bath with basic facility for making tea / coffee. There is a reasonably-priced restaurant nearby (AIPAN - https://www.facebook.com/aipanrestaurant), where you can have your meals. They are happy to deliver dinner to the room as well.

A two-three day volunteering stint works wonders...of course, you are welcome for longer stints!

Bring your world to the members of Utsah Toli.