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  THE CHARTER OF formedia

THIS DEED OF TRUST IS executed on this 24th day of March 2000 by Sri Pramod Mathur s/o Late Brig. B.B. Mathur aged about Fifty Three years, residing at B-27, 1st floor, Nizamuddin East, New Delhi- 110013 hereinafter called the author of the Trust.

WHEREAS the author of the trust is desirous of creating a Charitable Trust and executing the request Deed of Trust setting forth the terms and conditions and provisions thereof for the proper, permanent and efficient administration of the Trust.


1. The Trust shall be styled as FOUNDATION FOR RESPONSIBLE MEDIA.
2. The office of the Trust shall be at E - 4, Andrewsganj Extension, New Delhi- 110049.
3. The objects of the Trust shall be:

  • Develop an integrated environment between media, especially electronic media, and the various socio-economic, cultural and political fields to deal with concerned issues in a professional and issue-related manner.
  • Promote awareness of national and grassroots issues through media especially electronic media.
  • Promote and develop formats of responsible media presentation, especially the electronic media, keeping in mind the socio-cultural and economic subtleties of the country.
  • Inculcate awareness for national and grassroots issues through responsible media, especially electronic media.
  • Document and publish information regarding use and impact of media, especially electronic media in the form of books, CD-ROMs or Films.
  • Advice, and if needed, assist state, central government and international governments and independent bodies in forming and implementing media policies, especially for the electronic media.
  • Promote the professional development of media cadre through education, research and training by running workshops and courses.
  • Organize and promote conferences, seminars, lectures, public debates, documentary festivals and exhibitions for responsible media, especially electronic media.
  • Co-operate and collaborate with other national and international governments & independent institutions with similar objectives.
  • Organize and maintain amenities for members, project-inducted members and visiting experts.
    Set up or aid the setting up of regional/zonal branches of the center.

4. The Author of the Trust hereby sets apart a sum of Rs. 10,000/- (Rupees Ten Thousand only) to be held in Trust as nucleus for the purpose of the Trust.

5. The Trust shall be managed by the Trustees consisting of:

  • Mr. Pramod Mathur s/o late Brig. B. B. Mathur r/o E - 4, Andrewsganj Extension, New Delhi- 110049.
  • Ms. Neelima Mathur w/o Pramod Mathur,E - 4, Andrewsganj Extension, New Delhi- 110049.
  • Ms. Tanushree, w/o Sagarmoy Paul, r/o B64 IFS Apartments, Mayur Vihar Phase 1, New Delhi- 110 091.
    The first Trustee Mr. Pramod Mathur shall be the President of the Trust and he may co-opt further Trustees but the total number of the trustees shall not exceed eight.

6. The Trust hereby created is not revocable at the instance of the Author of the Trust at any time and under any circumstances.

7. The Trustees shall be competent and are hereby empowered to:

  • Receive any more and further assts in any shape or form as and when given by the Author of the Trust, any of the Trustees or any other persons or institution.
  • Collect funds by donations, subscriptions, grants, presents or contributions.
  • Invest the funds to the extent necessary in accordance with the provisions of Section 13(1) read with Section 13(5) of the Income Tax Act, 1961 or such other sections of the Income Tax Act as amend from time to time so that the income of the Trust will be exempt from Income Tax.
  • Acquire on lease, purchase, or otherwise, sell, mortgage, lease out or transfer in any other manner properties (movable or immovable) construct buildings and effect other improvements for the purpose of the Trust.
  • Help and render assistance to the needy in all possible way.
  • Make donations or contributions for attaining and in furtherance of the objects of the Trust.
  • Borrow for the purpose of the Trust on personal credit of the trustees with or without charges or responsibilities upon the assets of the trust.
  • Meet necessary expenses to be incurred in connection with the execution and administration of the Trust.
  • Establish centers in different parts of the country for carrying out the objects of the Trust.
  • Do all or any of the aforesaid things, transactions or matters and do all such other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the aims and objects of the Trust.

8. None of the powers enumerated above will be deemed to authorize the carrying on of any activity for profit by the Trustees and these powers shall be exercised by the trustees in such manner that the income of the Trust will be exempt from tax under Section 11, 12 and 13 of the Income Tax Act 1961 or such other sections or clauses as amended from time to time.

9. All or any of the powers vested in or exercisable by the Trustees as per this Deed of Trust shall be capable of being performed or exercised by a majority of the Trustees present at the meeting of the Trustees and any action or decision of such majority shall be valid and effective as it would have been if done by all the other Trustees.

10. The Trustees, if they so choose and for the benefit of the Trust may Delegate by means of a resolution in writing any or all of their powers to any one or more of them or any other person for such time and purpose as they deem fit.

11. The Trustees may, if so desire, elect from among themselves a secretary, a Joint Secretary and a Treasurer and they shall hold office for a period of three years. The Trustees shall take charge of the Trust assets and hold and administer the same in accordance with the terms of the Deed. All bank accounts shall be operated by the first trustee. Sri Pramod Mathur or Ms. Neelima Mathur singly.

12. The office of the President of the Trust shall be for life. On the death of the President, the person succeeding him shall hold office for life. The other Trustees shall hold office for a period of five years from the date of appointment or nomination as Trustees but shall be eligible to be re-appointed.

13. Any Trustee may, at any time resign his office of Trusteeship by giving one month's notice in writing to his co-trustees and upon the expiry of the period; such Trustee shall be deemed to have vacated his office. The office of the Trustee falling vacant either by death or by resignation or expiry of 5 years period may be filled by nomination by the President of the Trust.

14. The meeting of the Trustees shall be presided over by the President of the trust and in his absence; the Trustees present in the meeting shall elect one of them to preside over that meeting.

15. The Trustees shall meet from time to time as and when necessary to transact business and for considering the betterment of the Trust and its assets. The President of the Trust or the President of the meeting, as the case may be, shall have a casting vote in case of equality of votes. Fifteen days notice of all meetings of the Trustees shall be given to all Trustees either by Registered post or in any other manner as decided by the Trustees. The quorum for the meeting shall be one-third of the total number of Trustees. In case there is no quorum at the time fixed for the meeting, the meeting shall stand adjourned by half and hour and the trustees present as the adjourned meeting shall for the quorum, the postponed meeting is entitled to transact its business without waiting for the quorum.

16. The Trustee shall cause true and correct accounts to be kept of the sum of money and other assets received and expended on behalf of the Trust. Once at least every year, the accounts of the trust shall be examined and the correctness of the accounts and Balance Sheet ascertained by a Chartered Accountant appointed by the Trustees. The financial statements shall be counter-singed by the President, and other trustees as the trust may decide in its meeting.

17. The office of the Trustees will be honorary but the Trustees will be entitled to be paid their actual traveling expenses and other incidental charges incurred by them in attending the meetings and in connection with carrying out the objects of the Trust.

18. If for any reason, it is not possible to carry out the objects of the Trust, any assets remaining in the Trust shall be transferred to any other trust or Institution or Society whose objects are similar to the objects of the Trust.

19. The Trustees are wholly indemnified against any expenses or losses incurred or suffered in regard to any act, deed or omission of their duties as Trustees of theirs in the performance of their duties as trustees or any payments made by them in the administration of the trust and such expenses, losses and payments shall be borne by the trust and none of the Trustees shall in any way be personally liable or responsible for the same.

20. The rules governing the administration of the trust may be amended by the Trustees however, that the amended rules are not inconsistent with the objects of the Trust and are not repugnant to the provision of Section 2(15), 11, 2, 13 and 80-G of the Income Tax Act, 1961 or such other sections or clauses as may be amended or added from time to time governing the activities or public Charitable trusts.

21. The benefits of the Trust shall be open to all irrespective of the caste, creed or religion.

22. The funds and income of the Trust shall be solely utilized toward the achievements of the objects and no portion of it shall be utilized for payment to Trustees by way of profit, dividend etc.

23. In the event of the dissolution or winding up of the Trust, the assets remaining as on the date of dissolution shall under no circumstances be distributed among the trustees but the same shall be transferred to another charitable Trust, society, association or institution whose objects are similar to those of their Trust and which enjoys recognition under Section 80-G of the Income Tax Act, 1961







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